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November 14, 2012

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder

There is a natural substance that medical scientists have discovered has multiple health benefits. The pharmaceutical industry is aware of the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth, but is is more profitable for them to manufacture designer drugs rather than market a common food-grade detox agent that doesn’t require a prescription. As research and testimonials are reported about the positive benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), evidence is growing that people’s health improves with a regular regimen of this affordable dietary supplement.

Organic Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth is a powdery soil found in deposits all over the world. The fossilized residue of millions of tiny diatoms who swam in prehistoric seas, their silica-rich exoskeletons is quickly being recognized as an important component of a healthy, pain-free, and youthful lifestyle. Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural powder that has been sifted, kiln-dried and guaranteed to be safe for consumption.

Most experts recommend two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth daily, mixed with liquid. Diatomaceous Earth has a neutral flavor that does not effect the taste of orange juice, apple juice, milk, water, or even coffee. D.E. has no unpleasant after taste. The high percentage of silica in the powder makes it go down smoothly.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade & Fossil Shell Flour

Diatomaceous Earth is a fossil shell flour that is already found in many baked goods. The amount of beneficial D.E. found in the modern American diet, however is not enough to promote the optimal health that two tablespoons of D.E. per day can provide.

Food-grade D.E. works through a three-step process. The skeletal diatoms that make up the powder are extremely absorbent. As D.E. passes through the small and large intestines, it absorbs heavy metals and toxins, excess moisture, E-coli, lingering viruses, and the residue of drugs and other chemicals coating the walls of the bowel.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Detox

Besides germs, there are other unnaturally occurring parasites in the small and large intestine that are also eliminated by a regular routine of taking two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth per day. Larger organisms are sliced apart by the sharp edges of the fossilized diatoms. The individual diatoms are too small to damage human tissue. Instead, they destroy smaller invasive creatures and their eggs who have made their home in the human body. The remains are painlessly removed during a normal bowel movement.

Silica is an essential component of the human body and many people suffer from silica deficiency. The signs of a nutritional deficiency of silica can be remedied by daily intake of food-grade D.E. A proportion of the silica in the fossilized nutritional supplement is absorbed into the blood stream where the mineral has been linked to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and healthier looking skin, hair and nails. People who take two tablespoons of D.E. a day both feel and look better than they did before.

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