Diatomaceous Earth Powder Supplement

Diatomaceous earth is a fine, light, powdered substance formed from the remains of deceased, fossilized, single cell algae, or diatoms. Alternatively known as kieselguhr or diatomite, diatomaceous earth has a typical composition of more than eighty percent biogenic silica. The remainder is composed of clay minerals, notably alumina, and iron oxide.

History of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth was discovered in the mid 1830s by a German peasant, Peter Kasten. Initially, the powdery substance was mistaken for limestone, leading to its first known use as fertilizer. Indeed, diatomaceous earth proved to be beneficial for agriculture usage, but not necessarily ideal as a fertilizer. Its absorbent, porous and abrasive qualities made it valuable for pest control, water filtration, soil loosening and to prevent caking in grains and feeds. It can also be used as a hydroponic growing medium, since it drains rapidly, retains vital nutrients, and allows appropriate levels of gas circulation.

More recently, diatomaceous earth has been tapped for its health benefits, since its organic nature makes it consumable by both humans and animals. The “food grade” forms of diatomite are derived from four out of approximately six-hundred deposit sites in North America. The labeling of food grade diatomaceous earth products for use as insecticides and grain storage require a purity rating that has been set by the US Food and Drug Administration. Other food grade diatomite, though not requiring FDA labeling, is available for a variety of applications to benefit humans and animals.

Diatomaceous Earth Supplement For Humans

Those who regularly utilize diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement, support its benefits with glowing testimonials of improved health. Promoters of organic silica point to its vital role in mineral absorption in the human body. This characteristic appears to facilitate increased absorption of needed nutrients in living systems. Body detoxification from environmental contaminants, drug residues, parasites and other harmful anatomical invaders can be attributed to ingestion of diatomaceous earth. Some other reported health benefits include:

1.) Joint and bone support
2.) Normalizing circulatory system function and hypertension
3.) Decreasing elevated cholesterol levels
4.) Weight Loss
5.) Mitigating urinary tract infections
6.) Increased health of teeth, gums, hair and nails
7.) Decreasing the ravages of aging
8.) Mucous membrane support for various ailments of the digestive system, inner ear, respiratory system and reproductive system
9.) Decreasing swelling
10.) Cleansing and elimination of harmful substances

Food grade silica mineral can be taken in liquids, although it does not dissolve. The major known risk associated with ingestion of organic silica does not involve eating the product, but inhaling it, which can cause lung damage.

Silica mineral is believed to be one of the most important trace minerals contained in the human body. Much like many other nutrients taken into the body through the consumption of food, it is believed that environmental factors, such as depleted soils, have created widespread human silica deficiencies.


Diatomaceous Earth Research

November 14, 2012

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder

There is a natural substance that medical scientists have discovered has multiple health benefits. The pharmaceutical industry is aware of the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth, but is is more profitable for them to manufacture designer drugs rather than market a common food-grade detox agent that doesn’t require a prescription. As research and testimonials are reported about the positive benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), evidence is growing that people’s health improves with a regular regimen of this affordable dietary supplement.

Organic Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth is a powdery soil found in deposits all over the world. The fossilized residue of millions of tiny diatoms who swam in prehistoric seas, their silica-rich exoskeletons is quickly being recognized as an important component of a healthy, pain-free, and youthful lifestyle. Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural powder that has been sifted, kiln-dried and guaranteed to be safe for consumption.

Most experts recommend two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth daily, mixed with liquid. Diatomaceous Earth has a neutral flavor that does not effect the taste of orange juice, apple juice, milk, water, or even coffee. D.E. has no unpleasant after taste. The high percentage of silica in the powder makes it go down smoothly.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade & Fossil Shell Flour

Diatomaceous Earth is a fossil shell flour that is already found in many baked goods. The amount of beneficial D.E. found in the modern American diet, however is not enough to promote the optimal health that two tablespoons of D.E. per day can provide.

Food-grade D.E. works through a three-step process. The skeletal diatoms that make up the powder are extremely absorbent. As D.E. passes through the small and large intestines, it absorbs heavy metals and toxins, excess moisture, E-coli, lingering viruses, and the residue of drugs and other chemicals coating the walls of the bowel.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Detox

Besides germs, there are other unnaturally occurring parasites in the small and large intestine that are also eliminated by a regular routine of taking two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth per day. Larger organisms are sliced apart by the sharp edges of the fossilized diatoms. The individual diatoms are too small to damage human tissue. Instead, they destroy smaller invasive creatures and their eggs who have made their home in the human body. The remains are painlessly removed during a normal bowel movement.

Silica is an essential component of the human body and many people suffer from silica deficiency. The signs of a nutritional deficiency of silica can be remedied by daily intake of food-grade D.E. A proportion of the silica in the fossilized nutritional supplement is absorbed into the blood stream where the mineral has been linked to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and healthier looking skin, hair and nails. People who take two tablespoons of D.E. a day both feel and look better than they did before.


Diatomaceous earth and its benefit as a supplement

Mineral silica is toxic to the human body. Organic silica or diatomaceous earth, however, which differs by the presence of carbon atoms combined with hydrogen, is not. It is actually of great benefit to the human body and is, in fact, found throughout the body in various organs, bones, skin, hair, and nails. It is found in all the cells of the body in varying degrees and facilitates electrical exchanges between cells. Silica is also a major component of connective tissue which is the most common type of tissue in the human body. It also plays an important role in the formation of collagen in humans which is responsible for suppleness and elasticity of the body. Everyone is born with a limited amount of organic silica which is usually about 80% depleted by adulthood. Since the human body is not capable of producing silica, diatomaceous earth is often used as a supplement.

Silica in the form of diatomaceous earth is said to be beneficial to the human body for many reasons. Its piezoelectric properties seem to directly correlate to how energetic a person may feel. It promotes the natural production of collagen in the body which contributes to healthy joints and bones, as well as supple skin, healthy hair, and strong nails. The absence of silica can create weakened bones, a major concern for women in particular as they age.

Silica supplements taken daily can assist with the remineralization of damaged bones. Research evidence has demonstrated that silica can transmute into calcium when there is a calcium deficiency. Proper levels of silica throughout the body can enable it to absorb calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium to deposit into the bones and strengthen them. Since tissue degeneration also accelerates with the aging process, taking a silica supplement in the form of diatomaceous earth can help decrease the rate of degeneration in connective tissue as well.

In 1972, Nobel Prize winning Professor Adolf Butenant conducted experiments which demonstrated the essential value of silica to the human body. His research showed that this trace mineral must be gained from food sources continuously to provide the optimal benefits to human health. It seems that this essential trace mineral plays an important role in many of the bodies’ functions. The average human body will hold about seven grams of silica. This is a much higher quantity than other essential minerals such as iron, but both silica and iron are required by the body to carry out the ever present metabolic work of sustaining life.


Diatomaceous earth promotes colon health

When taking a walk along the beach, the last thing a person might be thinking about would be the health benefits right under his feet. But a major component of the sand found along the shore is silica. In turn, diatomaceous earth, or diatomite, is 85% silica. Comprised of the skeletal remains of single-celled microscopic algae that extract silica from water to form their skeletal structure, diatomite formed when these diatoms died and sank to the bottom of the oceans and lakes and formed silica-rich mineral deposits. The uses of diatomaceous earth are widely varied, and the health benefits to humans are numerous.

Among the many health benefits of diatomaceous earth are increased cellular regeneration and self-repair, strengthened connective tissue, improved elasticity, joint lubrication, cellular detoxification and cleansing, and stimulated cardio vascular flexibility and flow. Known as “nature’s internal cosmetic”, it promotes the natural synthesis of collagen. It promotes a clear, smooth complexion and healthy hair and nails. One of its most widely proclaimed benefits is its promotion of good colon health.

Commonly given to livestock and pets to aid in the elimination of internal parasites, more and more people are adding diatomaceous earth to their supplement routine to promote their overall colon health too. While the FDA has not approved diatomaceous earth as an internal parasite control, testimonials abound of its effectiveness in eliminating parasites and increasing the general health of livestock and this seems to translate into the same benefits for humans as well.

A colon cleanse and detoxification routine using diatomaceous earth is one example of how it can improve colon health. Typically a person increases their water intake throughout the day and takes one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth before bedtime to begin, gradually increasing the dosage to 3 level tablespoons per day. The routine is continued for four months at that level. Some gastric discomfort is said to be possible in the beginning as internal parasites and harmful microbes are eliminated. Another thing to be aware of is that because of its absorbent properties, it can dry out the stools, so good fluid intake is essential to avoid discomfort. After the initial detoxification process, the recommended dosage for maintenance is 1 teaspoon per day. Many who have tried this routine have reported improved regularity and a general sense of well being. It has long been said that a daily walk was beneficial for the “constitution”. Now we know that the sand under our feet may also contain elements of benefit as well.